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golden tea игра как вывести денег

Golden tea игра как вывести денег

Operator is the rightholder of the content of this Internet portal. The Operator administers the Internet portal, provides Users with access golden tea игра как вывести денег the Internet portal, its Services also paid Servicesunder the terms игра нормандия мод на деньги this Agreement.

User - an Individual who golden tea игра как вывести денег accepted the terms of the Agreement and is visiting the Internet portal.

The User, as well as the Operator, is a Party to this Agreement. The game process includes the creation and development of your own virtual tea plantation with the option to use and receive funds in various currencies. No financial investment is required to participate in the game.

Подробные правила игры:

Game Rules are set by the Operator. Users access to the Internet portal is provided by луксор слот Operator defined terms only.

Operator resources - servers, domain names, as well as other hardware and software owned or leased by the Operator. Services - the providing by заработок онлайн рулетка Operator of the possibility golden tea игра как вывести денег the User to access to the Internet portal, to use its opportunities and services, play the Game on the conditions specified in this Agreement.

Operator services are provided free of charge, with the exception of Additional Paid Services, which are optional to play the Game. Services are provided by the Operator exclusively within the framework of the Portal in on-line mode, i. Some Extra Paid Services may be provided in other way. Additional Paid Services golden tea игра как вывести денег providing the User with additional special features of the Portal for a fee set by the Operator.

These services are not required for the User to play the Game and are provided by the Operator to the User by its will, after the related inquire for them. Additional Paid Services are provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal; some Additional paid services may be provided in a different mode.

golden tea игра как вывести денег

Game currency - represents the game values, provided to the User by the Operator as a paid service, except for special promotions, and is exclusively of a game nature. The Game currency includes CoinsEnergyand Gold. Energy Exchange - Golden tea игра как вывести денег Energy Exchange is available to a User golden tea игра как вывести денег has replenished his Game balance by an amount equivalent to RUB or more, where he can daily exchange a limited number of Coins for Energy at a changing rate.

The rate can be changed in any way randomly. The number of Coins available for exchange for Energy per day is determined by the exchange limit, which can be increased by the Energy. The user also receives a certain number of units of Energy on как накрутить деньги в игре Game balance in the following cases:.

golden tea игра как вывести денег

If there are units of Gold on the Game balance, 1 unit of Energy gives the User the right to transfer from his Game balance the amount equivalent to 1 RUB. Game Currency may be withdrawn by the Operator with reimbursement of golden tea игра как вывести денег to the User. The amount of such monetary compensation is determined by the Operator. Referral - A User of the Internet portal who has registered on the Internet portal by the recommendation of another User.

Golden tea игра как вывести денег are awarded bonuses for referrals, from the date of registration of which no more than days was passed.

The information specified by the User is used by the Минер игра на деньги to further identify the User as a Party to the Agreement in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The Operator provides the User with access to the Internet portal under the terms of this Agreement, after its acceptance by the User.

Где взять рефералов Goldenbirds?

The User understands and hereby unconditionally accepts that the purpose of the Game is the organization of the intellectual gaming leisure and entertainment for the User by the Operator. The User will under no задания для игры на деньги be the creditor of the Operator. The terms of the Agreement in terms of providing the User with Additional paid services and transfer funds from the Game balance are not a public offer and are for informational purposes only.

Since the adoption of the Agreement for the period of use of the Internet portal, the User acquires the rights and obligations established by the Agreement. If at any time for any reason golden tea игра как вывести денег User does not agree with the terms of the Agreement, he must immediately refuse golden tea игра как вывести денег stop to use the Internet portal.

golden tea игра как вывести денег

The operator is not obliged to verify personal golden tea игра как вывести денег other data specified by the User during registration.

For the above mentioned purposes, use all services and resources including Additional Paid Services of the Internet portal provided by the Operator. If necessary, use the technical support of the Слот хаус portal, contact the Operator for any questions through contact information or the feedback form.

User Responsibilities. Independently take all necessary measures to ensure the effective security of own account; do not provide third parties with access to it.]



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Golden tea игра как вывести денег



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